Maintaining budgets and spending limits

Depending on system setup, registered B2B users may be able to maintain budgets, spending limits, shopping accounts, and approvals for online order entry users in the organization. If you are a corporate group user, you may be able to maintain these functions for order entry users of any customer in your group, as necessary.

Contact your website administrator to be set up for maintaining budgets and spending limits. After setup is complete, you will have an Approvals section in the online store. In this section, you can click Maintenance to access pages for setting budget and spending defaults, creating and maintaining approval and shopper accounts, and creating budgets.

As a maintainer of budgets and order spending limits, you can set up users from your organization to fulfill these roles:
  • Approver: Approvers can place online orders and are also responsible for approving other users' orders that are subject to budget or spending limits.
  • Requester: Requesters can place online orders but do not have responsibility for approving other users' orders. Requesters' orders are subject to approval. Requesters must take action on orders approved and declined by their assigned approver.

A user cannot be both an approver and a requester.

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